This year the DenUM staff has been committed to being better educated about the large societal issues that bring people to us for help.  We want to understand the 10,000 ft. perspective better because we see and hear about the ground level issues on a daily basis.


Already this year we have:

  • Watched the documentary 13th.  You can find it on Netflix or read an article about it. This is an issue that affects many of those who come to our Employment Services Program and impacts their ability to gain employment.
  • Read the book Evicted by Matthew Desmond.  You can find it online or read a few of the articles the book is based on.  This is the single most unmet need at DenUM – helping with eviction funds.
  • Listened to the podcast Busted: America’s Poverty Myths. This series addresses how we as a community have come to some misled conclusions about the issues of poverty.
  • Watched a TEDx Mile High led by Teva Sienicke from Growing Home about innovative approaches to ending poverty in our own community.


Now, I must admit to you, I’m not a big non-fiction reader, so it takes compelling stories to get me to commit to such serious issues. But these four pieces all caused me to rethink some of the conclusions I have drawn over the years I have worked in human services.


I want to invite you to join the DenUM staff in becoming better educated about the issues of poverty, to challenge some of your beliefs that might not be based on data and facts, and to hear stories of people very much like those who come to DenUM.  Further, I want to invite you to engage in dialogue with me, our staff, or those you might coerce into joining you in this study project.  And, feel free to recommend a documentary, book, lecture, or podcast.  We are looking for our next topic.