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Root 40 Music Fest and DenUM! Posted Apr 11, 2014 By admin

Finally, a musical celebration of the Colfax music legacy has launched with the introduction of the Upper Colfax Root 40 MusicFest — a seven-day music event designed to entertain, educate, cultivate and enrich Colorado’s music and performance community.  But it gets better! All week you will see food drive boxes in the venues and businesses up and down Upper Colfax.  All donations from the drive benefit DenUM! Interested in donating?  Stop into one of the many venues anytime during the festival. On April 25th DenUM will be an event venue too! Stop in and check us out! WHERE IS ROOT 40? Along historic US Route 40 — Colfax Avenue — the 2014 Upper Colfax

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Top Five February Posted Feb 21, 2014 By admin

Top Five Pantry Food Items for February 2014 We strive to provide food options that are nutritionally balanced, safe, and that promote healthy eating.  We commit to distributing food items that are in-date, unopened and undamaged.  We do not distribute  expired items.  We encourage and appreciate food donations that include whole grains, low-sodium and low-sugar items. Pasta and rice Peanut butter Canned meat Canned fruit Cereals Bonus Hygiene Items for Employment Services: Shampoo Razors Deodorant To learn more about the Choice Food Pantry or about in-kind donations, contact Carolyne by email, carolyne@denum.org or phone, (303) 350-5066.

Tammy’s Take Posted Feb 14, 2014 By admin

Celebrating Valentines Day, Everyday Today seems to be a day focused on demonstrating our love for each other.  At DenUM, this is not something we save just for Valentine’s Day.  Here, it happens on a daily basis. It seems to me that what everyone in the world needs is a little bit more love but not of the flowers, chocolate, jewelry variety.  I’m talking about a more simple day to day kind of love – holding the door open for someone, helping someone with children carry their groceries to the car, greeting a new comer with a smile and a welcome, giving someone a chance to catch their breath before

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