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Top 5 November and December 2014 Posted Nov 11, 2014 By admin

DenUM’s Top 5 Needed Items for November and December 2014 peanut butter canned tomatoes or sauces canned fruit in water or light syrup infant formula (all varieties) hygiene items for employment services clients DenUM strives to provide food options that are nutritionally balanced, safe and that promote healthy eating.  Therefore, we do not distributed expired food.  Instead we encourage food donations that include whole grains, low-sodium and low-sugar options. Items that we can always use to meet our growing requests for service include: Whole grain cereal Fruit in water or juice Meat canned in water when possible Vegetables: low or no sodium Beans: dry or canned in low or no sodium Whole

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Hope Corner Posted Nov 10, 2014 By admin

Family Focus Last week, we met a young single mother named Monica. Her husband left the family a few months back; he hasn’t called or come by and she doesn’t know where he is. Now Monicais raising two young children by herself. Daycare is expensive and her small wages don’t cover all her bills. She’s never had to ask for help before and at first she looked down at the floor and covered her mouth when she spoke. Her voice was quiet and flat; it was easy to see that she was struggling to hold back tears. But as she talked with our staff, we could see her start to

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Volunteer Voices: DenUM and the Inspiring Effect Posted Jul 17, 2014 By admin

For more years than I care to admit I have been aware of Denver Urban Ministries and its charity work yet it took me until 2013 to become involved. My first volunteering took place this last November for their Thanksgiving food drive, Food for All, and the effect it had on me was instantaneous. The services they provide are void of stereotypes of all kinds and help people in many aspects of life’s essential necessities. The employees and volunteers were invigorating and selfless. Each person was excited to be there and more than willing to help in any manner. As the day went on I knew I wanted to help

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