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DenUM’s Top Five Needs for Spring 2017 Posted Apr 05, 2017 By admin

Top Five Food Needs whole grain and/or low-sugar cereals  canned meats peanut or other nut butters tomato products (cans or jars)  fruit (canned or fresh)  Make a difference for DenUM this spring by planting a garden row for hungry families! Top Five Hygiene Needs toothpaste baby wipes feminine pads (rather than

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Tammy’s Take: Examining Issues of Poverty in 2017 Posted Feb 14, 2017 By admin

This year the DenUM staff has been committed to being better educated about the large societal issues that bring people to us for help.  We want to understand the 10,000 ft. perspective better because we see and hear about the ground level issues on a daily basis.   Already this

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Your Vote, Your Voice Matters! Posted Nov 08, 2016 By admin

Today is Election Day! While some people have just started preparing for the election during the past week, DenUM has been involved in voter engagement activities for months. We have registered clients to vote at DenUM and at the St. Francis Center. We also asked clients to fill out pledge

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