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Our Easy to Read Colorado Ballot Guide Posted Oct 20, 2016 By admin

DenUM is proud to partner with the Colorado Participation Project to promote the importance of voting to our clients and community this election season. One way that we do this is by raising awareness of the state and Denver County ballot initiatives. It is very easy to forget that there will be more on the ballot this November than the presidential nominees, but there are also  important state and local propositions and amendments! To ensure that DenUM clients and community members have information about these vital topics on the ballot, we created a 2016 Colorado Ballot Guide. We made sure to make the language on this ballot guide as accessible as

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Voting Matters! Posted Sep 27, 2016 By admin

This year marks one of the biggest elections in decades! Not only do we have a close presidential race, but Colorado also has some critically important proposals and amendments on the ballot. Issues such as raising the minimum wage and implementing a statewide health care system are among the many topics that will be voted on this November. Unfortunately, many communities face barriers when registering to vote and when submitting their ballots. These communities include but are not limited to, people who are homeless, people who have been incarcerated, people living with disabilities, people in poverty and people of color. In order to ensure that everyone who wants to vote

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New Urban Education T-Shirts Posted Jun 25, 2016 By admin

Today is a great day to change the world! Support DenUM and make a difference by purchasing a t-shirt today. To purchase yours, follow the link below Buy a T-Shirt Shirts are available in bright blue with white lettering or white with teal lettering.  All shirts are available in sizes x small-2x large.