MLK Marade at DenUM

DenUM supports the Martin Luther King Day Marade as is passes by on Colfax Ave.

DenUM joins a multitude of local coalitions, task forces, and agencies in tracking broad socio-economic trends and working to address the systemic barriers that bring increasing numbers of clients to DenUM year after year. These alliances allow DenUM to expand the help available and to maximize the neighborhood’s collective voice to influence social outcomes.

Core Values of Advocacy:

DenUM seeks to provide stability, increase self-sufficiency and support community sustainability through our advocacy efforts. All advocacy efforts are guided by our primary value of reducing poverty for all. Our 5 primary focus areas include:

Who else is involved?

Communications and Outreach

DenUM maintains a communication network with more than 100 faith communities in the Denver metro area. These congregations educate their members on issues of social justice via bulletin announcements that include statistics and information related to hunger, homelessness and poverty. DenUM also provides speakers and educational forums upon request. Congregations and adult groups participate in letter writing campaigns and legislative advocacy.


DenUM seeks collaborations with experts in areas that serve low-income populations. DenUM relies on a group of community experts to inform its stand on public policy. Through involvement with coalitions, taskforces, and agencies, DenUM can track broad socio-economic trends and work for solutions. Working with coalitions and other advocacy groups maximizes the power to influence social outcomes.