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Varner Faddis Elite Legal, the leading legal firm in Denver specializing in personal injury cases, is thrilled to announce its acquisition of, a domain previously owned by DenUm: Denver Urban Matters. This closed, renowned non-profit organization was previously dedicated to providing vital services for Denver individuals and families.

This strategic acquisition is a great way for Varner Faddis to expand its legal services and support the local community, ensuring access to justice for all. 

As the founding partners of Varner Faddis, Lauren Varner and Eric Faddis believe in the power of compassion and advocacy, so will the mission to support those who need and seek justice, especially in the scope of personal injury, continue to be upheld.

DenUM: Denver Urban Matters, on the other hand, had a long-standing record of exceptional work in addressing the critical needs of Denver residents, specifically in cases of homelessness, hunger, unemployment, and other challenges brought about by poverty. DenUM initiated various programs to provide essential services such as shelter, medical assistance, food security, job training, and education.

With this domain acquisition, Varner Faddis aims to build upon’s strong foundation and enhance its impact on the community beyond the courtroom’s walls. 

With the collective efforts of community outreach and the availability of legal expertise, Varner Faddis, alongside, can become a robust support system addressing the underlying issues faced by individuals affected by personal injury and other legal challenges.

About Denum

DenUM: Denver Urban Matters was a non-profit organization dedicated to addressing the immediate and long-term needs of the Denver community. The organization has long initiated programs that positively impact the lives of individuals and families facing various adversities throughout the city.

In other words, Denver Urban Matters was a beacon of hope for vulnerable Denver residents experiencing homelessness, poverty, and food insecurity, until it closed down. By offering a holistic approach to assistance, DenUM provided immediate relief and empowered individuals to create sustainable solutions for their future while they lasted.

DenUM’s core programs include emergency assistance services that help individuals pay for rent and utilities, purchase food and clothing, get transportation assistance, and other vital needs. 

Food pantries, community gardens, and agricultural projects are notable programs created by DenUM that promote sustainable food production in the city.

Education and job training are also crucial to DenUM’s success at creating sustainability and breaking the cycle of poverty. Initiatives like tutoring, mentoring, and skills development are tools applied by DenUM to help the vulnerable secure, stable employment, thus, increasing their earning potential.

Although DenUM is a closed project, its purpose and objectives for are crucial in continuing the evolution and adaptation to the community’s changing needs, and its past mission in addressing social justice also continues to prevail with its new domain.

About VarnerFaddis

Varner Faddis Elite Legal is a notable legal firm sought after for its commitment to excellence, client-centric approach, and unparalleled expertise. 

With a team of experienced attorneys specializing in various areas of law, including personal injury, civil litigation, and corporate law, Varner Faddis Elite Legal can deliver comprehensive legal services tailored to meet the unique needs of its clients.

It is also important to note that Varner Faddis Elite Legal’s commitment to excellence extends beyond client relationships. The firm also actively engages in community initiatives through pro bono work in its efforts to make a positive impact on society.