How to Help


The generous support of our community makes everything that we do possible. Check out the many ways YOU can support DenUM.


In 2015, 920 regular and one-time community volunteers contributed to the 17,476 total hours of service. Additionally, 4,144 Urban Education participants provided an additional 12,232 service hours! The compassionate care of volunteers literally enables DenUM to open its doors to all who are in need in the Denver area. DenUM’s volunteers are good neighbors in every way!  Learn how YOU can sign up to Volunteer.


DenUM joins a multitude of local coalitions, taskforces, and agencies in tracking broad socio-economic trends and working to address the systemic barriers that bring increasing numbers of clients to DenUM year after year. These alliances allow DenUM to expand the help available and to maximize the neighborhood’s collective voice to influence social outcomes. Find out how you can help advocate for change.

Learn More About Poverty

The Urban Education Program offers youth and adults from Denver and across the country the opportunity to explore service and education in an urban setting. One- to seven-day experiences allow groups to develop an awareness of the issues surrounding poverty and homelessness. The privileged have the chance to develop a better understanding of common barriers to self-sufficiency, and faith-based groups are given opportunities to put their faith into action. Learn more.